Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

Factors crucial to my model of EMW mechanisms.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

Timeline of expanding UniverseOne major feature in our modern understanding of the history of the Universe is the accelerating expansion of its dimensions.

The standard model identifies an accelerating rate of expansion and ties it to the move from a period of dominance by dark matter into one dominated by dark energy.

My model embraces the same observations but it labels these events as phase changes activated by a trigger.  

Einstein : "Is that all you've got to support your random point expansion model?"

Me: "There is another aspect that seems to me to be quite telling. It relates to the relationship between expansion of the Universe and EMWs.

The Universe's expansion and EMW propagation, unlike matter, come from the same aspect in the earlier phases. As stated earlier their dimension lies outside space-time.

Einstein : "How can that be, surely expansion involves both space and time?"

"Not in every case." I replied, aware he was deliberately testing me, "Again using the example of numbers you can have expansion of a series by insertion that only involves a ranking or layering. This doesn't have to be time or space based. The branches of a family and the genetic sequence in the chromosome both are examples that don't rely on either concept.

Newton, looking a little perplexed, added to the queries "Am I right? Are you suggesting EMWs and the expansion of the Universe form a distinct package? If so there must be other mechanisms that bind them or else the Conservation Laws wouldn't hold."

Me: "Exactly! It is why I earlier talked of there being a complete package. As you rightly assume there are still several important parts to examine including those dealing with the peculiar properties of matter."

Einstein : "Increasingly I can see your ideas have been shaped from mine. This puts me a little at ease but I am still not comfortable with your conclusions about the Universe's expansion having a spaceless origin.

You have a lot to do before I understand how this and other elements of the formative package comply with current knowledge and thinking."

Aspect EMW Universe Expansion
Duration relative time timeless
Location spaceless relative location
Creative Action random emission of photons random insertion of points
Quantity  Energy / photon packet size Increase in Uni Size  / (Δpt in Space)



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