Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

The Space-Time, Mass-Energy realm of matter.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)


"Matter was made the Master of the Universe" I mused as I gathered my thoughts for the next stage. But I didn't say this to my guests. Instead I began by saying "Matter shaped space. Space shaped matter and the EMWs tagged along."

Their eyes lit up. My sudden change of topic suited them. These were topics with which all living things are familiar. "You don't see the world except through matter" I said, pleased to see approval in Einstein's eyes."

So far no verbal response for they knew what I meant. Like me, they hear through physical ears, they see through well-built eyes, they feel and smell and it is by matter that our material brains work out what is going on in the world.

I started this way to emphasize to my guests the special treatment matter received when the physical Universe began. Although the EMWs had undergone slight shifts in their inheritance it was material things that gained the bits with most newness.

EMWs had been held back by the spaceless, timeless part of its inheritance but material things gained space-time and mass-energy and charge plus all the dual pairings that make the complete package work.

Einsteins theories on space time energyAnd while the EMWs retained the spaceless, timeless essence of the initial phase they had to keep an interface with matter. The conversion equivalence for these two realms is critical to this interface. And relativistic measures for space and time provide the mechanics by which it happens.

Einstein, I recognize relativity as one of your many great contributions to our understanding of their interaction.

Einstein nodded and added "We are in agreement that  EMWs' interaction with bodies is the sole way we know they exist; it is our only window by which we can measure their identity."

 I continued "But matter's claim to fame is the way it changed the Energy content that it inherited. It massaged it into mass and other material forms but couldn't do so without all the dressings that came with that Herculean effort.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't an act of choice, but a simple change of phase. And it was triggered by the formation of the discontinuity breakout mechanism. This breakout had to happen else we wouldn't be here discussing the Universe.

Most combinations would have led nowhere but some might have led to another style Universe. Whether or not that possibility came to fruition we don't know but we do know our Universe exists. And that took place despite the odds for or against it being here at all.

It doesn't matter if it was luck or chance because we are here; mankind testifies to the Universe's viability.

Einstein : "I now see how your model attempts to resolve the timeless, spaceless conundrum that I thought might bring your model crashing down. But it still leaves many things unanswered. For a start how does your EMW world have a relativistic link to the real world aspects of space-time?"

Me: "Through its interaction with matter within limited amounts of space-time. Importantly their interaction only occurs when the Energy properties of this discrete zone match those of the EMW. This then sees the end of that EMW but it may emerge from it in a new EMW form or even as a minute piece of matter.


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