Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

Duration as a guide in a timeless, spaceless continuity.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

Amidst my other guests outcries had broken out with quite loud demands for me to explain the meaning of my terms. And in some of these people's eyes I saw malice aimed directly at me.

"This is hubris! Arrogance in extreme!" Unspoken yet apparent feelings condemning every word I said.

By such means I knew my dream could betray me and turn them all against me. Of course I had to make it clear what each term meant but I needed a firmer base before it could become clear.

Fractals of Universe at start - Sierpinski Tetrahedron "Modern observations of light and all other EMWs", I began "make it evident that light begins and ends through an interaction with matter and it has no obvious existence otherwise. It is eternal since if it doesn't encounter matter it goes on forever.

I think these observations indicate we should use the term 'Duration' for such a timeless, spaceless class. This brings it into line with its usage in my treatment of the Universe's earliest phases.

If we make that assumption then the humanly observed properties of EMWs are more easily understood.

For instance we could account for its supposed speed by tying it to the expansion of the Universe; a matter which I will discuss in detail later.

And when EMWs are linked with the material Universe they do so through a minute part of each realm's properties.

It therefore happens in a tiny but finite unit of time-space that matches the energy and dimensions of a wave packet.

And this aspect enables me to account for such things as wavelength and frequency, each of which gives a fixed identity to the issuance of such a wave.

I'm sure you will all find this acceptable since it is in full accord with ancient and modern views."

There was obvious interest and some misgivings perceivable in my guests but I held the moment, their attention was mine. They wanted to hear the whole before any large attack would come.

"On the other hand the material Universe is known to have equally unique qualities.

For instance material bodies don't as a general rule expand over time. The evidence for this is clear; the Earth for example isn't getting bigger at the same rate as the Universe is expanding."

I looked at Einstein for any hint of contempt knowing I was about to trespass on his field. I continued "Material bodies have a definable location in a small part of what we term space-time. They don't spread out as light spreads out; they exist within their little zones and nowhere else.

No flare of anger. No trace of dissent. Einstein held my stare but didn't blink so I pressed on.

"And because they aren't tied to the great expansion their place in space-time can change.

It is through this means that material bodies allow the Universe's balancing act a degree of freedom not provided by light. They can move about in space-time whereas EMWs don't have this option."

Newton added: "It is kinetic motion versus that of waves."

Aspect (Δt means minute qty of time etc) EMW Matter
Duration Δt at start and end - eternal during dissemination (i.e. n/a) Δt at Energy conversion -  otherwise Integral sum of Instant points (no size)
Location Disseminated on spherical wavefront propagated from ΔSpace origin sum of ΔSpace based on Mass and Fields it contains
Motion speed of light,  expansion rate kinetic, relativistic value -Independent of expansion
EMW-Matter Interface matched ΔSpc-tme matched ΔSpc-tme
Scale of Energy Interaction photon (micro) - radiant flux (human)- mass equivalence (macro) quantum (micro) - Kinetic , Thermal (human) - Energy equivalence (macro)
Identity set by Energy interchange in ΔSpc-Tme giving frequency and wavelength  Location, Mass, Density, Fields, distinctive attributes such as charge, spin etc.
Energy attributes photons (packages), frequency Bound (Captured mass-energy of matter formation), kinetic, latent (fields),

Once more I slowed my words in order to focus on a critical point they already knew. 

"And I will argue the concept of motion is essentially twofold with a unique mode for each realm; EMW and material.

This quality is manifested in another Duadic fractal. In this instance one half is an expansion mode and the other a much more liberated property in space-time.

Newton interjected "And obviously you match these ideas through continuity and conservation?"

I agreed and added "I would suggest each feature of the Universe has only these two types of motion available to it, that is expansion of space or kinetic movement.

Twin realms of matter and EMW's Such a distinctive split for each realm is also true for duration.

 EMWs have eternal duration while that of material relates to the flow of instants. 

It is by this reasoning that I conclude time exists as a reality only in the material world. It only becomes real when continuous order links two or more sequences. That reality means it can be measured by the sum of instants in any continuous sequence.

But the creation tie between space and time implies distance also has measurable reality in this same realm.

Robert Boyle, seemingly pleased with his grasp of these ideas, was the first to comment, "So light is stuck with the legacy of an old profile while matter gets the benefit of the new."

Einstein's response was much more constructive, "Your model could possibly work the way you set out but it would require 'expansion' to take a central role in the creation of the Universe. Is that how you see it?"



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