Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

The Universe Begins.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

I woke next morning as the sun crept with burning rays across my bed. A thought had haunted me through the night. "It must be hard for you to know where to begin".

Those were Einstein's views expressed as we departed from the log platform at the start of the Universe. He had gone on in that earlier dream to say, "No matter what feature you choose it does injustice to the others. The Universe came as a package but for us, your guests, to understand that package we need to look at what each part brought with it.

We also need to know how they evolved from the sources in the first phase. And we need to know which parts went where and why you think these made the Universe hang together."

I had replied," Of course you're right but the task is made a little easier when  the theme of fractals is used to supply the mechanisms.

To further that understanding I will use the tetrahedron model presented earlier and expand it to the initial phase of our knowable Universe."

Einstein : "So what are the main things tyou think might interest me?"

Me: "Well I will use the assumed properties from the initial phase and show how the Universe shares them between electromagnetic waves and matter."

Einstein : "If you do that I will insist you back it with reason that relates to mass, space, time and energy for it is in these topics of mine that I fear your ideas may go awry."

Me: "I respect your fears and that is why I will spend time on the very important split from the eternal instant state of the Universe's earliest phase."

So that had been my task when I returned from that earlier dream. And this morning, filled with a cloud of thoughts, I spent time tidying up my images for my next journey. However I found myself constantly being drawn back to the parting words of my guests.

They began with words between Boyle and Einstein.

Boyle : "On our last trip Albert, you told me about the different shapes of space and pointed out there was a lot of debate over what form it takes and whether it's flat, finite or infinite and you said the debate arose from things you wrote. Doesn't that worry you?"

Einstein : "There is much dispute about the nature of space but this hides a significant truth. The debate is so active because so much more is known than in your time."

Aristotle spoke up once more, "That is always very daunting, a challenge to everything you believe, when you learn, as all of us have, how different things have been found out after our death. But upon reflection I am happy that my work too was debated vigorously. I really couldn't have asked for more."




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