Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

Rocks speak and I see people from distant places and times.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)


My next encounter with my guests had a peculiar beginning, undoubtedly triggered by my thoughts on the nature of electromagnetic-waves.

On meeting again with Isaac Newton and Robert Boyle, both people from the seventeenth century, I sought to interest them in the topic by showing them my laptop. They looked at it and moved away. I said, "its alright! This is only an image and the device is made from glass and rock."

Newton was in awe. "How do you get away with it. In my time you were likely to end up dead if you claimed such things."

Robert: "Unless of course you were made a Saint."

I could tell by his tone that despite his doubts he was becoming agitated, eager to get onto things that he had never known.

However he had more to say, "I gather from our past talks that modern evidence shows matter has a twin in electromagnetic waves. I can accept that somewhat disturbing twinning idea but then I ask myself what did both receive? Was it equally split? Was there anything new?"

Components of Universe Me: "My response to the last question is yes, every split has the potential to generate the new but its form is shaped by the conservation laws."

Einstein : "Robert these ideas are based on my well-known work.  I can tell you the answer to the second part is no, the split was nowhere near equal."

I added, "I would go further and say some things were kept totally by one while the other inherited a variant.

So EMWs have the inherited properties of instant eternity as their duration component but they do not have a determinable presence. We can't see them in any vacuum only when they encounter matter. Whenever they do we can deduce things about the whole wave front and this means we are always tracking a ghost.

"A GHOST!" someone snorted in querulous fury.

"A ghost." I said "Something that we cannot see but has its origins in events from the past".

I could see the concern in many eyes. Ghosts! I shouldn't have used that term. It obviously reminded them of my deception.

They had come of their own accord, trusting me, not caring that I was an unknown.

I had challenged them with my claim "I will release you from the great unknown that haunts you from the past"

Oh how I regret that claim. It had far too much overreach. I had been too eager to have them come and be my critics.

I closed my eyes. I needed help. I drew a deep breath knowing I needed to give a focal point to justify their being here.

I picked up the thread I had commenced but prefaced it with "The realm of EMWs is timeless, if you work that through the problems of light will disappear."

Light's properties , as you already know, are in stark contrast with matter when it comes to location. Matter has a finite local space tied into a finite or local time. And ironically it can be seen whenever it interacts with EMWs."

I paused and then at a slow and deliberate pace softly said "This means the non-matter or electro-magnetic radiance kept all the properties of instantaneous regeneration that were apparent at the starting of the Universe and matter took on the properties of newly formed space-time."

I had their full attention once again.

Boyle : "Is that all they received? Can you be a bit more specific?"

Me: "Of course I can but there is so much it should be given to you in a manner you can absorb."

Boyle : "You're putting me off when what I want is a starting point for thought. Please give me an example that will help me see what other things were transferred to each part."

"Me: "Well, matter for instance took up a lot of the brute force that Chaos passed on to the first phase while radiation-forms became bridges between the old and the new.

Einstein then turned to me and said, "I hope you can make it clearer for all of us. Although your ideas do indeed reflect mine you are putting it in a way other scientists would hesitate to do.

And your fractal model for instance seems too self-assured while your so-called bridges need more pylons and supports. Your work so far is way too shallow to be of use to me."

Me: "OK! But I feel this is the way to present these ideas. I can empathize with you in the difficulties fractals present. But the tradition of which you were part is the cause. You know your era loved the rigid frame where mathematics could reign unchallenged.

In today's world mathematics has embraced new ideas and fractals are one result of that change. Fractals deal with certainties that arise from chance.

And latent patterns in any space existing as a result of number and geometric possibilities provide a playground for chance. This transforms the options open to us when explaining nature's revolutionary advance.

However despite your doubts I'm sure you'll agree it needed me to give a model that illustrates the possibilities. That is what I've tried to do and what I will attempt to do as I proceed."



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