Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

The Legacy from the start of the Universe.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

Me: I take your point however I differ in my emphases. I see the initial phase as an eternal instant, a sequence with the property of continuous adjacency which has no time or space involved. I feel that to give it any time at all deprives us of looking at the mechanics of its creation.

In my scheme inherited sequences offer their own possibilities and constraints which are bypassed when we assign an imagined time to that first phase.

 However by the recognition of its instantaneous character we open up a setting where all possibilities evolve at once and hence there will exist internal order related to intrinsic fractal patterns.

In my setting the initial phase never had time but there is eternity of form. There is an infinite array of patterns and there was one that suited the formation of our Universe. It was there eternally ready for a trigger that ultimately came. And I believe it cannot but be so."

Someone muttered, "You get what you get and you don't get upset" without much conviction so I let this pass without comment.

I continued: "Our Universe could only come into creation through events that took place in that timeless phase and from that circumstance came a perfect creation. Again it couldn't but be so.

We can also know through what we have observed in modern times that the space-time duad didn't come as a component in a Meccano or Lego set, to be assembled bit by bit. Time and space, mass and energy, motion and expansion, particles and anti-particles, these all came as a fully assembled scale model."

A person unknown to me moved to the front and asked, "But why do you bother with how it all began? Why not just enjoy it for what it is like most people do?"

Others countered with "It isn't true! The people have always been interested in how this Universe began but some choose to be listeners rather than questioners."

I didn't reply because a chorus of voices did this for me. In essence they said "We humans are lucky for we are a part of creation that has a well developed sense of awareness and it is that gift that shapes our interest.

And those of us drawn to understanding the Universe in which we live try to use what was created at the beginning to enlighten us about its origin and our future."

I followed up their line of reasoning glad to escape the attempt to waylay my theme.  "And the Universe inherited all its properties. It is that legacy trail I follow with continuity being the constant driver of the stream."

My work is new, I was aware of that so I was happy to let the dissent run its course.  I also knew I couldn't answer the challenges it brings to those whose lives are committed to an established view, I could have tried but it is unlikely I would succeed. However there are people with different views which is the reason I had sought a mix of views amongst my guests. 

 I let all these thoughts come to the fore then waited for a pause. "It is the special duad, able to by-pass discontinuities, that transforms continuity. This is the engineer of the Universe but it is a mechanism that also evolved."



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