Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

Surely this dream that concepts evolve is flawed.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

Aristotle had been silent on this journey until now but Darwin's observations drew him out, "Darwin was right, the components were all there and I couldn't help thinking as it happened about the majesty of time and space.

According to you they didn't exist in the earliest phase but since their creation was such a massive act it surely needed time, a vast amount of it, to assemble just those two features.

This contradiction in time needed to create time is something I can't get my head around."

Beginning of the UniverseMe: "Your dilemma is appreciated. It is common to all mankind. We can't easily conceive of the infinitely big or the infinitely small or events that might take place in such realms.

So we take a lot it for granted. We assume the basics of our Universe's existence must be a fundamental property of any system. This is particularly true of time and space for they are what all people have known; they are the cornerstones of our Universe.

That is what makes it seem shocking when we first try to see it as having evolved from a more ancient setting. It is much easier for mankind to believe time and space have always been there but less easy to accept that what came  first was typical of a phase change not an explosive creation.

And although time and space are what defines this particular Universe of ours it doesn't mean that it's the only possibility.

There may be other universes with some other means of bringing about extension of continuities and this in some weird way is easier for people to accept. Yet we find it hard to apply a timeless phase to models of our Universe's formation."

Einstein : "I think anyone who knows my work at all will know that I am not one held back by traditional viewpoints yet I have reservations too.

I have noted your suggestion that the first phase of the Universe is timeless. I have understood what you imply when you say that time is one of the definitive creations that happened with the start of the physical Universe.

I also appreciate your comments on the miniscule time science claims for the first phase of the Universe and I acknowledge it is a rather questionable value.

However I think you have failed to point out it is done to achieve a similar end to your own. Scientists use that means to show what must have developed in the Universe's earliest phase and to identify what its legacy was."


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