Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

Powerful designs at Nature's call.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

Powerful designs at Nature's call.

Having rebuilt the ideas I had in the foremost part of my mind I felt ready to address my guests' concerns.

First I spoke briefly to both Darwin and Newton saying I understood what worried them but their work and theories weren't under threat.

And Einstein supported me by saying. "My work offered the same threat but what made it acceptable were two things. Firstly the robust work of Newton and others before me was not destroyed. It was incorporated into a bigger scheme. And secondly this new framework offered a frame for resolving problems that ongoing investigation into the nature of the Universe had exposed."

I added, "And Darwin the same applies to your famous work. My new frame which suggests concepts evolve owes a lot to you and I am grateful for what I learnt from your ideas.

As to the fractal component of my current model it comes from a new field of study. I believe this is an ancient mechanism overlooked by mankind until now but it has been ever present.  It is this source that gives nature a constant reservoir of powerful designs that complement your work on selection.

At no point does my model imply that your ideas on the survival mechanism are wrong. I will try to show this in greater detail at a later stage but until then I hope my awareness of the issues you raise will allay your concerns."

Darwin responded with, "Yes I was a little concerned but it was frustration more than anger that caused me to speak my mind. I came with you in this ridiculous dream expecting more from being on the edge of the Universe as it began but it failed to deliver. That was what really upset me."

He continued "There is no doubt the beginning is spectacular and I looked in awe as existence happened before my eyes but I couldn't find what I was looking for."

"And what was that?" asked Einstein.

"Albert, I could see many things you talked about on our descent but I expected I would see things like positrons and electrons as well as space itself taking shape.

And I expected there to be imperfection and stages in-between but there was none of that, it came out complete and ready to go to work as the Universe we know. Surely this dream is flawed."

I was surprised to hear this. I didn't want to challenge this great man's view but I had no real choice. I needed him on side. "Charles", I said "It is the size of it all that leads us to expect more of the Universe but the beginning is like any other change of phase. Clouds for instance come into clear skies and when they come they are completely clouds, nothing more nor less."



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