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The Nature of Eternity

  Allan Webber (B.Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin) - 2017

There are one or more eternal/timeless zones where things endure, but their dimensions don't include space-time. These are not obscure or fanciful zones since humankind have used them to understand the universe for many millennia. They include numbers, geometry, primal universal constants, fractals and chaos. And the common thread in all these zones is continuity within a dimension that isn't definable by space, time or space-time.

Eternal zones have space-time or matter-energy dimensions but they have order and uniquely defined members and no matter where you are in this universe or any other the result obtained when they are accessed is identical.

Mathematics is one such eternal zone and if you are in a remote part of the galaxy you can know the result from adding two numbers will be independent of mass-energy and space-time factors.

Concepts are another set that reside in an independent eternal zone with awareness and existence being two of its infinite members.
And there is also an eternal zone where fundamental patterning in bounded systems resides. Anywhere in this universe you can expect the range and rules of shapes, sounds and interactions to be the same.

But there is another whose existence is often ignored; it is the pre-universe from which our mass-energy and space-time universe evolved.
Humans are a product of processes in a space-time system so it is difficult for us to comprehend that there is any other way of being and so we take the zones that exist eternally for granted.

Yet, these zones are critically important to the creation and functioning of our universe; they provide it with a portfolio of form and structure upon which the universe, each form of life and every element unthinkingly draws.

Many of these eternal zones we experience and use every day but we don't give much weight to their importance in the structure and creation of the universe. Nor do we consider that new eternal zones might emerge or exist within our universe because of new avenues of access triggered by the continuity of mass-energy and space-time.

Although not much attention has been given to this way of seeing the universe there is strong evidence for such systems. For instance there is the phenomenon of light as well as the peculiar zone at the beginning of our universe which science says is a very minute fraction (10-33) of a second long. (0.000000000000000000000000000001secs).

To most persons it must seem peculiar that scientists choose such a small amount of time for the actions which physics needs if the universe is to exist at all. So much to do yet so little time. So much to explain yet none is given. It must seem to most that the reason for it being so lies in "Trust me I am a doctor (of Physics, Mathematics, astronomy etc.)"

Yet the reasons why the above duration has been claimed by scientists is that they relate to the time of decay of the most fundamental particles which formed and form our universe.
That peculiarly small zone of time is a recognition of the transition of the universe out of the pre-existing eternal zone in which terms such as mass-energy and space-time have no meaning.

The singularity that is at the commencement of our universe is the instant that a section of the pre-existing state changed in a singular manner; it gave access to a pattern where the concept of continuity applies.

Until that instant there couldn't be time or space but upon its onset the innate patterns for enduring substance took over. Our universe then evolved into the shapes and events defined by that pattern.

Physicists and mathematicians do marvel at the fragile precision of this formation process. After all the constants needed for gravity, light, quantum mechanics and everything else only work if they are all in balance with the harmony of the rest.

Our humanity channels our perceptions even when a person is trained in science and so time and space must be ascribed as the reality of this place in which we exist regardless of the seeming irrationality of the universe's origin.

It is obvious this is difficult for us humans to conceive but it is important that we analyze its possibilities if we wish to unravel the manner in which the universe works.

And we can know a lot about such zones through our ever expanding knowledge of how light and the original formation-phase interface with our material universe.

But we must be aware that this idea of eternal zones when used in a way totally free of logic or discipline may be flawed.
Many people already rely on a similar concept of eternal zones without any practical basis for so doing. However these have little relation to the eternal zones that this paper discusses.

What I want to present in this analysis is that which we can and do know about eternal domains that provide physical evidence as to how their operational rules can be set.

My evidence must begin with the realm of electro-magnetic waves where light is a very real aspect in human lives.

It is already known light is eternal within its own realm but imparts a physical effect whenever it interacts with the physical universe.
To an observer within our universe it appears that light travels forever and through all space except in the minute zones where it interacts with matter.

Wave particle duality, the switching of fundamental form, is also a recognised attribute of all electro-magnetic waves including light. It is a fundamental aspect of quantum theory.

And just as the Rosetta stone with its testament written in dual languages enabled the decoding of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the twinned nature of electro-magnetic waves gives us a window into the laws for at least one type of eternal domain.

By these interactions we know that an eternal realm may touch upon the material domain but it requires specific circumstances for this to occur.

A fundamental issue is that though light can travel forever throughout all space it is not omnipresent like gravity, electric or magnetic fields, that is newly formed light isn't existent at every point of time and space or every instant of space-time.

It is selective in its appearance having a deducible source and a detectable end point. However these two points mean lights presence in space-time is predictable (using a wave-particle model) from the instant of its creation in space-time until its demise. This predictability is the basis of our laws for describing the motion of EMWs but it has also fostered our assumption despite the duality evidence that its path in the universe is real.

Our task of understanding light has been made easier for this domain because EMWs and the material universe were created as a complementary twin.

But there is a range of ways in which eternal zones impact on the physical universe that were not visually apparent at the instant of the Big Bang. They were there but their impact was at that time indiscernable.

And many are well known to us. They include zones for numbers, geometry, primal patterns, fractals and chaos.

In these zones the basic properties have the quality of being ever-present, that is they are able to be tapped into at any and every point in space-time with exactly the same result.

Yet they differ from light since zones such as that containing number, geometry and patterns have no active impact on the physical universe. All their influence is passive. However the material universe taps into these domains with the resultant forms producing the rationalities we observe. And they conform with the same principles that apply to every emergent universe; they have an orderly definable set of members able to be verified by repetition.

The common thread in all these zones is continuity which arises in a dimension that isn't set by space, time or space-time.

Each type of continuity includes two simple elements; cohesion and repetition.

The Dual Elements of Continuity: Cohesion and Repetition.

Concept ceries based on number 3 (Triads)The first element, cohesion, is the creator of duality; a twinned pair that persists across a specifiable dimension. This twinning principle is the primary element of continuity.

By definition cohesion relates to any property that causes an identifiable pair. It is this element that leads to zones where proximity relationships apply.

Through cohesion continuous sequencing is initiated.

The second element, repetition, is the genitor of pattern. It is at this point that continuity of form is established.

Chaos differs from an ordered universe even though it may contain an infinite number of eternal zones of varying expanse. Chaos differs because it is a realm whose dominant aspect is discontinuity.

When the two continuity elements produce an eternal pattern that allows the discontinuity of chaos to be overcome then the primary mechanism for the process called evolution is born.
It is from this basis that all universes, including our own, arise.

Resonance as the Fundamental Mode of Interaction between paired dimensions.

Interaction between paired dimensions happens as an inevitable consequence of conservation laws, it cannot but be so.

This aspect offers the means for either dimension to have access to some of the properties of the other. However this access is conditional.
Resonant states occur whenever a set of conditions allow interaction between paired dimensions.

The attributes of resonance for each zone are quite distinctive.

Light is tuned by the cohesion of the following twinning factors; E = hf (Energy= Boltzmann constant x frequency), E = mc2 (Energy = mass x the speed of light [squared]) and c = fλ  (the speed of light= frequency x wavelength).

The cohesion of the realm of light with the material universe has always been provided by the shared properties of frequency and energy. For EMWs and the material universe these equations define the interfaces by which each realm accesses the other.

Likewise number inevitably is tuned to the material universe wherever there exists a notable continuity. The defining continuity is the cohesion aspect by which number is perceived.

Pattern is established whenever a continuity contains both repetition and addition. In this instance the cohesion factor between the material universe and the eternal pattern zone is the process of addition.

Patterning affected by the resonant quality of interfaces.

Fractal Chaos generatorThe material universe's space-time existence is dependent on its ability to interface with eternal zones.

All such interfaces are regulated by relativistic conversion factors such as those expounded for light by Albert Einstein.

Each zone whether it be eternal or space-time in nature produces patterns relevant to the resonant gateway between the zones.

The pattern for number is therefore based on linear sequences. Its most complex forms are typically a series of branches of a binary form.

Number is the primal eternal zone; all others are more complex and offer patterns in accord with that complexity.

Geometric form is one such set and while it still uses only cohesion and repetition it gives access to shapes with sequentially increasing dimensional range.

The interface of the material universe with any eternal zone taps into that zone at a complexity level matched to its own.

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