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Conceptual Interfaces- How Eternal Interfaces bring about the world we live in.

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I believe an understanding of eternal zones is important for they are an essential component of all sciences.

 In the modern day science has introduced new eternal zone concepts such as Fractals, Dark Energy and Dark Matter but throughout the period of advanced thinking about life we have employed number, geometry, patterns and concepts (as a class). Each of these is understood to have a reality that cannot be pinned down in terms of the fundamental components of the universe. Terms such as mass, time, space and energy have no relevance to the contents of these zones since they cannot be captured, contained or put on display.

Yet the zones to which I refer above are far more substantial than the concept of fairies, an after-life or a soul. This distinction is typified by number which is; a class possessing quite unique properties that cannot be varied by mere imagination. The existence of disciplined rules removed from imagination provides the prime measure for judging eligibility to the eternal zone classification.

An eternal zone is timeless but it is not the absence or presence of time that is important here it is the irrelevance of such a reference point.
Similarly all eternal zones are identifiable by the non-applicability of measurements of mass, energy and space. Where these concepts have any such reference it is only within the context of conservation laws which deal with system sums not system details.

Eternal zones within our universe act as overlays on which the mechanisms within its bounds can draw in a definable way without influence by dimensions of mass, space, time or energy. For instance the geometry of every niche our cosmos can occupy and every new creation draws on this natural resource library.

Localized preference does apply to shape selection but as a subset of the eternal zone applicable to the universe. For example planet shapes versus atom shapes are localized by scale and yet no matter where and when that scale is encountered the shapes are consistent.

And every subset of an eternal zone like its parent has a closed set of laws. For instance the quantum laws that apply throughout the universe are the dominant patterning force behind the shape of atoms while another subset applies to the shape of astronomic bodies where Newtonian laws dominate.

Likewise specialized requirements ensure patterns arise from a closed subset within the universal. Thereby intense energy zones can have special forms such as seen in black holes and star formations. These are not available within the planets or their molecular based components where the temperatures are more moderate.. However if similar conditions are produced in a laboratory the same shaping takes place as in the stars.

And crystals result as a product of both localized and specialized conditions. Again they provide a different subset.
So to understand any eternal zone we require knowledge about the interface between it and the bounded subsets found within our universe. This interface between the two realms despite its restrictive measuring capacity is the best focal point for understanding the components, dynamics and laws of each. 

Patterning as an eternally available resource in any continuous medium.

Our Universe continually draws on the same resources that it used in the first instant of its creation. Understanding these and their interfaces gives us a greater appreciation of the power of nature.

Diversity of form arising from Fractal repetition in  flow eventsI want to present the detail relating to two of these interfaces. The first of these is the one that results in gravel roads having corrugations. The second is that which makes it possible for complex changes to occur in the evolution of species.
Although it may seem these are two extremes in terms of relevance to our lives the underlying processes are of equal importance in understanding both.

For instance the process that leads to corrugations in gravel roads is the same as the one that shapes the muscles of our body and many other important life functions.

I chose gravel roads for my introduction since I wanted to begin with an example that shows pattern occurring without there being an obvious template. I wanted to show how the gateway (or interface) between the material universe and random pattern leads to a prototype on which the Universe constantly draws.

So, I want to identify a diverse range of examples of the class to which corrugations belong in order to show the primal nature of their patterning. The critical factor is there isn't a physical template that causes the patterning to occur - no guides or frames are involved. It is purely the art formwork provided by physical dimensions that brings about their creation.

Ocean waves, sound waves, eddy currents, sand dunes, crimping in sheep's wool, striated clouds, muscle striations and corrugation of roads illustrate the class. These events have a common signature which is the ability to generate predictable areas of accumulation that have a striated profile. They are fractal like since they have a repeated formula acting on randomly delivered material that delivers patterned difference to constant points.

So what are the common links that give them singular access to the same definable part of the shaping powers of the universe?
The first element is speed; they all come about through a flow of some kind whether it is that of a liquid, gas, solid, plasma or organic matter. But their speeds of flow cover a wide range beyond that which generates the patterns given above and below. And even then those speeds bringing about the patterning represent an isolated range within all those possible. The speed has to be in a specific range for each.

A second element is cohesion; it is this that binds and shapes any flow bringing about changes that can result in laminar orderly flow or turbulent disturbed flows.

The third essential element is the harmonic relationship between the flow and any disturbance. And it is resonance that gives the essential condition for the pattern formation.

The fourth element is that of order that can arise even when the creative force acts not on the whole but on random individually selected points.

As you travel down a gravel road each bump changes the next contact point with the road. The pressures on that next point change whereas on an even surface there is a greater evenness. At low speeds your wheels maintain an almost even contact with the surface so there is no pattern generated by this speed. As speed increases each hump begins to emphasize the lower region, the landing spot, on its other side. But this is not enough to generate a pattern, for this would normally create random potholes scattered along the surface.

When different vehicles travel at a common speed each vehicle’s passage across a rough spot deepens successive hollows and pushes any debris into a new hump. With many vehicles repeating this process a series of corrugations is created. If they go faster than this common speed they will destroy the pattern and return the road surface to a series of unlinked potholes.

When winds of a constant speed blow across sand or tides having even ebb and flow then similar results can follow.

When organic material grows via an even speed of nutrient supply can cause the same pattern where there is a regulated growth feedback factor that has a phase lag to that of the supply.

    Striations in nature and life

This common process is always comprised of a natural set of physical events but there is nothing motivating them, their occurrence is independent of any plan or design and it doesn't need a creator or creative agency. This mechanism is one of nature's accidental blueprints that place an indelible mark on all things subject to a flow.

 The prime prerequisite for this type of patterning is continuity with the factors given above creating the subset where they can be found. We can therefore expect to find similar patterns within all of natures systems.

The earlier discussion of patterning used examples of waves, clouds and organic materials but we can expect patterning to also exist in timeless, space less continuities such as the pre-universe.

A deduction from the foregoing arguments is that nature can draw prescriptive pattern styles including those hidden in an eternal zone such as number or geometric form.

All observed things, including many of which we take for granted, take their elements from within eternal zones.

All possible shapes and patterns are part of the eternal zone and nothing is ever added to or deducted from this store.

Fractal interfaces in life formsThe eternal zones governing all possible shapes have existed and continue to exist independently of the material universe and are available at each and every instant and location within our universe.

And in every case it is made available to our universe via a harmonic interface.

The range of patterns made available to the material universe via its harmonic interfaces is related to the complexities of the harmonies.

The more complex the harmonies the less freedom exists so things interfaced via the space-time or mass-energy interfaces will be simpler than those involving both sets.

For example the shape of crystals covers a far more limited range than do the dimensions of vibration patterns which are dependent mainly on speed.

The above qualities are common to all eternal zones and hence provide their scope.

But it isn’t just attributes that are shaped by eternal zones.

The evolution of memory is an example of a process whose very existence relies on eternal zones.

Memory is reliant on an evolutionary process that goes beyond the existent bounds.

A property is required that gives local awareness of space-time beyond the instance and to achieve that must interface with at least four concepts of existence, memory, space-time and awareness.

And of these four components space-time is the only one cogenerated with the specific continuity we call our universe.

Since that first instant the continuity in our universe has been augmented by time vectors which enabled memory to evolve.

However the bewilderment as to how the universe and life began is ours and nature had its own way of meeting the challenge. From the humble method of residual effects in chemicals to a fully functioning brain able to contemplate the origins of the universe there is a progression of increasing awareness of existence and enhanced means of coding and recording events across spans of time. Such a progression is only possible by interfaces between our physical universe and the eternal zones where nebulous concepts exist in an eternal manner.

The propositions in the foregoing analysis imply that all numbers exist in an eternal dimension available to all other zones. This zone is accessible to zones like ours that are ruled by space-time.

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