Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

Light as the problem child of the Universe -Mechanisms for propagation and space expansion.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

My guests now come willingly to my mind. I can't be sure whether it's my desire that draws them or their free choice but they are very welcome. Their arrival starts whenever my mind settles on this fractal task and it did so today as I prepared my presentation on electro-magnetic waves.

It is as though there is a basic need for them to vet my work, examine it and make it take a better form. Of course this doesn't mean that it will come out 'right' but it does offer me some comfort.

Einstein: At last!

Boyle: "I too have been waiting. I have a question from earlier on. Does your discontinuity breakout mechanism of evolution imply each of the parent pair transforms into an expansion of itself?"

Me: "Yes with the new pairs produced taking up all the properties of the parent pair. Each also inherits the continuity factor. This process is very relevant to the topic of light which I know Einstein has a special interest in."

Newton: "Me too. My work on light was one of the things that I was proud of so I will be keen to see what more is known in your time." He saw a look of bemusement on several faces so he added "Yes I know my particle theory was discredited but I still believe I was right."

Me: "I think you should ask Einstein more about that. You will get a pleasant surprise since today we now see light as having both wave and particle properties."

Einstein mumbled: "Problems! It always seems to go back to that with light."

Me" "OK! I think I should begin with the points on which we all agree. For the benefit of those who aren't already aware of them it would help if those who know most pass on when and how that understanding came about.

Albert, I would appreciate if you and Hubble would act as judges as to each point's acceptance by the science community of today."

Einstein : "Obviously we start with the Universe's expansion and that has been widely accepted since 1929."

Redshift of distant galaxies identity spectrum Hubble: "Yes but my work at that time was concentrating on the fact that the rate of expansion had an acceleration spurt as the Universe aged."

Me: "So we will take all that as a given at this stage.

And I want to add to that the idea that light has only one speed and that it is the maximum speed either EMW or material based bodies can achieve."

Einstein : "Yes. It was my own conviction of these ideas that led me to postulate my Relativity Theories. But I went further than your statement; I showed how nigh impossible it is for anything but tiny particles to get anywhere close to the speed of an EMW."

Newton: "Albert, I think it is important to add something you told me of how this view came about."

Einstein : "It was failure that led me there. Not mine but the failure of many experiments conducted by trustworthy people to measure a different speed when your laws, Newton, suggested that they should have detected a difference."

Me: "At this point I want to move on since these ideas provide a base of agreement from which I can present my case.

And your last point also helps because it takes me back to you saying 'light is the problem child of the Universe."

Einstein with a snort and a glare responded "I think if you look back you will see you inserted those words into my mouth. However I think your point is well enough accepted; throughout the centuries our understanding of light has been problematic."

Newton: "I assume one of the areas to which you refer is how its travels through a vacuum, this in a different form was certainly a concern of my times. But it surprises me that it's still a cause for concern."

Me: "This is the issue I want to now address. Albert, rather than killing off my model I believe this topic can justify its use. And more than that I believe in explaining one aspect I explain another; I can offer a mechanism that embraces the expansion of the Universe."

I start by using a few other well accepted ideas and ask you to think about their implication.


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