Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

Some known properties of light.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

Known Properties of Light.

Light originates from a source and spreads out in a sphere at the speed of light. Now let us imagine that the Universe expands at a uniform rate around that point. I am certain it doesn't but the idea is easy to grasp in this form."

Now we might expect that if this were the case then between the point and the outer edge of the sphere there would be traces of the light. But we don't find any so we can confirm something already well known; light's wave propagation properties are confined to the surface of a sphere.

Newton interjected. "Perhaps you should add that all of us make a common assumption about that sphere because we usually only see a small part of it. And that part is only defined when it interacts with matter."

Me: "A useful point. As any interaction is terminal it implies, rightly, that light must start its journey from a point that is adjacent to space. It can't start inside matter.

Hence it's a phenomenon restricted to the surface of a sphere throughout its journey.

And that is the point of my example for we now have enough to know that light's movement would be explainable through its being tied to the surface expansion of the Universe's expansion. But logic doesn't support this.

The problem is if the speed of light were locked to the rate of expansion then we wouldn't ever see a thing even if it were up close; light could never bridge the expanding gap."

Einstein : "Well your logic holds but what is your answer? By your air of certainty I think you know the error lies in one or more of your assumptions."

Me: "I return to my earlier ideas on discontinuity, fractals and the expansion of the Universe. I do so to overcome the problems of light's travel mode which I have just presented.

The change I will make is this; only a small number of the points of space adjacent to the surface of a single point of an EMW are ever triggered and they create new points in space."

I paused to let the magnitude of my statement settle in then to stress its import I looked at Einstein and said "This means EMWs not only propagate through a vacuum but in the process create the expansion effects we observe."

Einstein: "So you are suggesting an EMW's motion is through its creation of new points in space. That would certainly give reason and connection to the expansion of the Universe. There are still unresolved issues but I can see the possibility to which finer detail might give acceptable answers."

Me: "Yes that is my suggestion. I see expansion of the Universe and EMW propagation as two different forms of continuity and yet they must be bound by the conservation laws.

This law determines the shared properties seen in the material realm in which we humans live."



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