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Mechanism for propagation of light and expansion of the Universe.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

Einstein : "You are drawing near to where I began my thinking, that light is different, it has different laws but it must also fit into the laws known to apply in the worldly scheme of humankind."

Me: "Yes, your theories brought me here to see how they could generate the Universe in accord with modern human awareness. There are various models we can pursue but I think the one with most promise is that which uses an evolution mechanism for bypassing discontinuities."

Newton: I think there is a good reason for you to do that.  And I say that because I think it can open up new approaches to known problems."

EMW propagation and Space expansion mechanism Einstein : "I agree but this duad model requires there to be a pair.

I would suggest that if the model is to work propagation of EMWs would have to be from points on the adjacent surface."

Newton: "Although it goes against the grain I think the wave models of Francisco Grimaldi might be appropriate."

Einstein : "But update that reference a bit to a few years beyond Isaac's time and apply Christiaan Huygen's idea of resonant waves. "

I heard their words but I knew Huygens and Grimaldi were pragmatic men who although they gave the world a means to classify light and draw its paths didn't propose a mechanism. I couldn't say I didn't need their help for that would be churlish. In fact their models were my starting point and gave my own work credibility.

Me: "Of course points determined by a sinusoidal path is the route I favor. After all the resonant patterns of Huygen's principle provide a foundation for my model enabling me to use the ideas I have presented before.

It is nature's own designs generated by mathematics and chance alone that forms the basis of all my models.

Einstein : "I must admit this is logically framed with the laudable quality it offers testable situations which mathematicians can help define."

Me: "I respect that thought for I know that was what your own work demanded."

Einstein : "Hmph! Remember it doesn't please me that you put words into my mouth knowing I have no way to give another view."

But now a panorama of emotion reflected in his face. At first surprised, then increasing flushes of excitement which flowed into a final glance directed at me; irony held in great pleasure.

"You know you haven't nailed it. You've missed your coup de grace. But we all did, we too had the final bit that makes your model work."

Huygens Principle for light propagation"What have I missed?" I asked.

"Your duad model resonates with what we called particle-wave duality. I helped form those ideas and one thing I said at that time will give you your clue.

'It seems as though we must use sometimes the one theory and sometimes the other, while at times we may use either. We are faced with a new kind of difficulty. We have two contradictory pictures of reality; separately neither of them fully explains the phenomena of light, but together they do.'

Eagerly I grasped my missed chance. "Of course, under my model light exists in a timeless, spaceless sense well suited to a wave but it also has an existence in space-time where it takes on material properties'.

 "You are right! I can use my fractal for crossing a discontinuity since EMWs are the combination of two different concepts; wave and particle.

And the discontinuity it faces is obvious; it's the interface between the two different realms which it must cross time and again.

It must do this since we know it has a presence in the material realm as well as its own."EMW mode of propagation

Einstein : "And propagation will work since the EMW is creating new tiny bits of space into which it transfers all its properties. It will also leave a legacy; the trail  behind it becomes new bits of space that expand the Universe."

 Newton, who was delighted at these developments added more and in so doing gave silent recognition to the bit he had until now denied.

 "These new bits act as loci not repositories; they are like the filaments of a spiders web giving a transport route covering an area. Through the newly formed network offered by the loci the wave properties are spread across the spherical surface. That will do it I think."

Photon Spacon DynamicsMe: "Yes! I like it! An EMW can move using its fractal properties and the new creation trait. This builds a bridge to locations set by its wave properties. These points then can and do act as a diffuse transference machine."

Einstein : "It is an interesting but logical conclusion that light's loci only exist in new space. Which is reassuring as expansion of space is then given a relational base to the speed of light and this is open to testing."


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