Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

The Perpetual Rift behind creation.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)


I was pleased that Einstein had been drawn to speak by my impractical dream of the restaurant teetering on the edge of the Universe. His being there gave me a chance to get his reaction to what I had thought in my journeys that had taken me beyond the beginning of time.

I recalled it in my mind and said "This is the zero, so small yet it holds it all".

I thought his response would be "it doesn't matter, concentrate on what is real; that is enough for me."

But then we would agree on what was there, two different classes expanding the essence of what had until then been part of chaos.

And we would agree the instant inherited part of chaos, the laws of conservation would remain.

The numbers linked to the totality of that event would be set forever as in that instant. It would remain the principal and final guide while continuity endured.

Fractal Chaos generator And both of us would know there was no choice, that everything must change driven by the differing number patterns that arise with each new phase.

And change itself was one such pattern that defined everything. It too stole its parts from the zero seeking state of chaos, splitting it neatly between matter and non-matter.

And the elements that followed would be biased by that inescapable choice.

But he didn't, perhaps unsurprisingly he challenged me: "So what took you there, faith, maths, science or just an artistic dream?"

Me: "I can't answer by a single choice but can rule out my being there in the pursuit of faith."

Einstein : "Why then do you stray from the path I set. It surely gives you all you need?"

Me: "Perhaps it is that the artistic dream is stronger in me. I recognize this same set of skills in you and greatly admire you for the way you created a view outside normal convention. And I love the way you presented it especially your models that made things like acceleration look different when an outside view was assumed."

Einstein : "But my maths backed those models. Will your dreams do the same?"

Me: "I think your maths is amazing, and it stands the test of predicting accurately things that were not already known. I hope my work can add to that stream but of course it may not stand the test of time."

Einstein : That is true. Even mine had to face that challenge. But given that your aim is noble, what is your artistic dream?

Me: To justify the evolution of concepts.

To show the logical paths by which the abstract can become real.

To go beyond the realm of the observable by using the logic of numbers combined with the newly understood phenomenon of fractal processes.

And I want to link the creation of space-time with what went before."



Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

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