Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

A famous visitor roused by my journey.

Allan Webber 2017 B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni).


Expansion of UniverseIt is curious but never the less I have visitors during and after my journeys. I know these visitors.

They are people from the past with knowledge that relates to my experiences. And their presence is curious because they come in agitation, eager to ensure I get it right according to their own view of the Universe.

And one of them was Albert Einstein that famous mathematician and physicist whose views inspire our current times. He was most disturbed by my journey to the edge of the Universe.

Einstein : "Crazy. This dream of reality built within an impossible journey. Have you not read my work or are you just ignorant of what it means?

Me: "I apologize. My aim was to get the reader to think about the meaning your work implies."

Einstein : "Hmph! You must have known that I would be aroused by your ridiculous journey, it flirts with a truth that I missed and came to regret."

Me: "I gather you refer to the expanding Universe the evidence for which made your static-state adjustment, the cosmological constant, redundant."

Einstein :"Yes, of course, I wish I hadn't introduced it especially since it made my originally elegant general-theory much more cumbersome. But you know that because I have stated all this publicly."

Me: 'But my intent was not that. My imaginary journey was meant to show that you can't look over or beyond the edge of the Universe."

Einstein :"To coin a pun there is nothing to see."

Me: "Well, that is true but the reality is you can't see into or beyond this particular brand of nothingness."

Einstein :Yet you knew I was well aware that any blankness in the sky is unrelated to the bounds of the Universe and still you pretend tourists can be duped into going for a look."

Me: "Well, really! I think that's the least of my failings. I am certain you didn't miss the flaws in my travel plans for they make no sense within the scheme your work initiated."

Einstein :"Agreed. However I take your point. It is merely a strategy to point out that no matter from where you look the sky is full of stars and can't be sorted in any easy way."

Me: "Yes. I was really trying to present a model based on your work and to show how the sky observed relates to that.

Oh! And I was also keen to state that it is the qualities of each star that are important not their location. I wanted to emphasize that you can only see historical images of stars with most being so old that many may no longer look anything like their observable image. "

Einstein :"And in doing that you do of course echo my main arguments."

Me: "Yes. I share your view on the difficulties of relating things to location and time when one of the essential items used in measurement, light, doesn't conform to Newton's motion laws.




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