Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

The realms of matter, space-time, mass and fundamental particles.

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

Robert Boyle : "May I join the two of you. I feel your thoughts can be enriched by mine."

 "You are welcome" I said while looking to Einstein for affirmation. "What is the point you wish to raise".

Boyle: "My experiments on expansion hint at what must happen. Changes of state change the patterns and we see it happen all around us.  Things go along without change and then, suddenly, new patterns form as though out of nowhere. However what they become was always there in a hidden pattern awaiting an environmental trigger."

Me: "Yes your contribution is appreciated. I was thinking of a way to present a similar idea. I was going to use crystal formation in rocks to illustrate the process."

Boyle : "Respectfully there is a simpler way to show it. I would let people feel the idea for themselves. Tell them to form a small hole with their lips and blow upon their hand then open wider and do the same again. Now get them to do it by breathing on a mirror. By this little test they will sense the changes and yet know it is the same sort of air from the same source."

Change of state / phaseMe, "I love your example and it contains an aspect that is at the heart of my journey. When you breathe out onto the mirror the idea of moisture being present is an abstract one and not apparent at all. But a change of phase invoked by a cool mirror makes the moisture appear from what seems like nowhere."

Einstein : "Robert's point is well made but I must emphasize at the beginning of the Universe the change of state was not about space, time, temperature or things we know. This makes it difficult enough without trying to go back to a stage of Chaos."

Me: "But I want to stress that of those things inherited by the Universe an inheritable discontinuity-breakout component is  essential."

Boyle : "Wait a moment. Before you go further I need help with something you said earlier. If things common to our lives like time and space aren't present in Chaos how do the two of you define continuity in that setting?"

Me: "Sequences! It is reasonable to assume there will be things that can be grouped in a recognizable order."

Einstein : "Yes sequences and they can be numbered using any properties that are shared. It is by these that humans recognize their reality. In my work I talked about humans falling into a local trap since they are unused to dealing with very big or very small systems.

Boyle :"How can that be so?"

Me: "Our senses can deceive us. We start with ones that were shaped by local events, our eyes, our ears etc. These are products of life, designed to help us survive and they do, but their usefulness often leads us to believe all the Universe fits to this model."

Einstein : "Yes the Universe is not restricted to our idea of local. Robert I know that in your time men thought there was a limit to smallness and bigness but more recent experiments have shown that view to be wrong. Not just slightly wrong but radically so."

Me: "And yet the laws of the local that you so admired are still valid.  Robert, what science has found in the years between you and modern times is that these still valid laws are not enough to explain it all."

AW continuity cell Boyle : "So if I understand you correctly  the start of the Universe is a state of continuity holding pattern changes that aren't based on time or space."

Me: "Yes, But one that contained a special pattern, a duadic cell capable of forming fractals that can be passed beyond discontinuities and bounds."

Boyle : "So if I understand you right it's like the process of life where living things will interact and produce offspring that inherit some of each of their parent's qualities."

Einstein : "Yes! And an important thing for this process is the near infinite pool from which these parents are drawn. Of course it isn't really an infinite pool but the bigger the better. And given a big enough mixing bowl in which a patterning mechanism such as fractals can do its work there is a high chance a new generation will emerge that passes normal boundaries."

Me: And this process is very special in one sense because one property that is always passed must be the ability to do the same again. Then each part of the Duad will hold that property and pass it on to each member of the next generation. I believe that is what took our system from an isolated continuity in Chaos into a concept as big and singular as our Universe."

Einstein : "OK, so this ability to pass on the reproduction property has a special legacy but not so special that other Universes of a different form could be ruled out."

Me: Yes and I would add one other thing. I believe this union and distribution mechanism means the evolutionary cell brings with it a concept that we call conservation."

Fractal patterns forming reality from abstract sources.Einstein : "So in your terms not only is this inheritable mechanism the means of future regeneration but the source of our Conservation Laws."

Charles Darwin had become increasingly agitated and at this juncture had the opportunity to be heard.

"A lot of your talk has involved the way life evolves and yet you are using it for the mechanical Universe as well. I'm unhappy with that jump, surely the two things don't use the same means."

 Isaac Newton joined Darwin's dissent "I too am unhappy with the connections you make but my issue  is with the suggestion that concepts evolve.

And add to that my reservations that all three, life, the physical Universe and your pattern ideas share a common path that nurtures an abstraction until it can become a reality."

Me: "Both of you are right that is what I am suggesting, reality has its origins in something that has evolved and draws its resources from the past.

Your concerns are no surprise to me since I think humankind has ignored the mystery of concepts. I believe I can offer  clear evidence of this. I will do so through example using a few of the many things that we now take for granted. But much of that will come later. For now I will merely raise a few that may help you see where I intend to take you.

Striation form in clouds Awareness and memory for example are not natural components of the Universe and in the distant past didn't exist at all. But they did emerge as the Universe's phases unfolded and they have changed their form ever since.

The process behind each is not a figment of a dream. It is the same process of changing phase that forms clouds in clear skies.

And time and space at the beginning of the Universe were also abstractions. This is their logical status which the time of ten to minus thirty three seconds for that period tries to obscure."


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