Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

Why are you here?

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)

We landed on the raft but it is misleading to call it that for now it is a platform. My dream no longer able to support the idea of a void had left a set of logs to remind me of the past.

A little saddened by this sobering sight I felt my unease pressing on my guests. "Why are you here? What do you seek? How will you quell our doubts?"

Einstein, who had followed us, immediately took up their challenge.

Einstein : "For me it is the creativity of these ideas that draws me. Besides I still need to put him right if he goes astray.

He turned to me, his face alight but bewildered, "Why do you want me here?"

Me: "You are needed. It is your work, your ideas that spurred my project."

Einstein : "Then at least tell these people what I contributed. Tell them how it came about"

Me: "Later, but what do you think of this beginning?

Einstein : "It's too shallow. You need to give more insight into what is really going on"

Me: "I intend to but I am a little lost for suitable words since terms like space and time don't yet apply."

Einstein : "I understand that. You will need to present the mechanisms you think brought about time and space if you want to proceed."

Me: "I assume you mean how space-time patterns emerged out of nowhere to become our reality."

Einstein : "Exactly, and you need to state firmly that the material and the non-material both generate consistent laws which at first may not seem to match."

Me: "I agree and I need to show what you did to unite the two. Of course that is the real reason I welcome you here, you and your theories are important."

Evolution mechanism across dicontinuity via Duad unionI paused, searching my mind for the way to meet Einstein's demands. Surely I needed to go right the way back to Chaos if I was going to present my case for reality emerging from the abstract. I asked out loud so that all could hear, "So what did the Universe inherit from the chaos from which it came?"

 I again paused then gave my personal view.

"The Universe received the fury of the inferno in a measurable quantity. Most important of all it received the gift of continuity. With that it also received the influence of numbers and the patterns that flowed from their combinations."

But as I have already mentioned there was a special quality bestowed upon the Universe beyond the property of continuity. And this special power was the ability to overcome discontinuity. We know this had to be there from the start because without it we and the Universe wouldn't be here.



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