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Nostradamus C7 Q13: Climate change causes uprises led by anti-scientists
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022 

1558 Nostradamus Henry Epistle HEE2 Climate quoteIt is one of the rare anagrams for climate (L1 la cite m) in Nostradamus' Prophecies that gives C7 Q13 its part in this analysis of the linguistic links between the quote in his 1558 Epistle and specific verses. The link is strengthened by other anagrams such as astral and starzone that highlight the astronomy aspect in the quote.

In this verse Nostradamus' text talks of a switch of leaders of radically different character and the fact one tyrant chases out the other indicates a warring anarchic state.

The verse also brings together aspects based around topics in the quote. For instance an anagram for Croatian(a contrai) appears in the third line. Although only one other verse holds an anagram for this term I would normally not take much notice of its presence. However the links between the quote from the Epistle and this verse mentioned above suggest it should be considered.

To this end the epistle quote is based around the term climate and in its later parts it seems to refer to grouping things that are similar. This is particularly applicable to countries and their peoples. This principle links the content of other verses in this series for many have rare names applicable to Russia, Ukraine and the Balkans that put them into a group of lands with similar climes.

This poetic code technique of using attributes of a person or an event to convey messages without obvious repetition has a long history. For instance the Nordic poets considered it very powerful and gave the process a name; such references were called kennings.

 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 13 Climate Jesus Ancestor Disorder 14 yearsThe anagrams imply that the differences centre on climate change with the new leader finding it difficult to undo the harm of his predecessor's fourteen year long regime. The populace remains bitterly opposed and split into factions along religious lines. 

This and other factors provide part of the basis for my pairing C7 Q13 with verse C2 Q53 which holds rare anagrams for both Crimeans and Soviet. But there are other links that stretch across the story line flowing through the group. These are related to Jesus, Pilate, ancestors, Easter, Jude, Marie and Graal. These terms are found in one or other of these two verses and through their presence  the principle of related ideas can again be seen to unite the verses.

The anagram for Croatian is adjacent to one for uprises and one of the other of the rarest anagrams in this verse is that for disorder. This and other anagrams suggest  there is a mass uprising in Croatia led by those whose views are entrenched in ancient astrology, the reading of signs and religious mythology.

From the marine tributary city,
the shaven head will take up the satrapy;
to chase the sordid man who will the be against him
For fourteen years he will hold the tyranny.

De la cite marine et tributaire
La teſte raze prendra la ſatrapie
Chaſſer ſordide qui puis ſera contraire
Par quatorze ans tiendra la tyrannie.
  1. <Delicate attribute remain><Dire climate abut a entire>< citaDel><terminate Delicate><i attribute metrician [meter motif] leadDer><iran aireD climate tribute><citaDel remain bitter>
  2. <~ atlaS pSaLteria [ book fold] tereza panderer~><LateSt aSpirate><eaSterZ aStral panderer>
  3. .<anceStor SearcheS air><croatian upriSes><ChaSes diSorder iesus equip> iSSue><aruSpices> <croatian upriSes search dried roses>
  4. <try aldranei (?) starzone><intends equatorz raPine altar>

1: attribute, equatorz, searchers, disorder,
2: metrician, aruspices, terminate, Croatian, satrapal, intends,
3: starzone, aspirate / parasite, Easterz, bitter, Tereza,
4: psalteria, narcoses,
5: climate, matrice, altars, astral, dried,
6: ancestors, tribute, Seirach, piqued, erratic, Pilate, orders, peerz, zero,
7: Sarcosine / scenarios,
8: airtime, atlas,
9: upraises, searches,
10: -
11: neza,
12: delicate, racier,
13: latest,
14: citadel / dialect, uprises, shares, estate, inane, abut,
15: Patras,
16: inaner,
17: raiment, relied, issue / Iesus,
18: trainee, dealer/ leader, Ranni, but,
19: tirade,
20: ancestor, apart, died,
21: chasers / crashes,
22: altar, ,
23: panderer, caress, scares, apez.

attribute, equators, searchers, disorder,  metrician, aruspices, terminate, Croatian, satrapal, intends, starzone, aspirate/ parasite, Easters, bitter,Tereza, psalteria, narcoses, climate, matrice, altars, astral, dried, ancestors, tribute, Seirach, piqued, erratic, Pilate, orders, peerz, zero, Sarcosine / scenarios, airtime, atlas, upraises, searches,  neza, delicate, racier, latest, citadel / dialect, uprises, shares, estate, inane, abut, Patras, inaner, raiment, relied, issue / Iesus, trainee, dealer/ leader, Ranni, but, tirade, ancestor, apart, died, chasers / crashes, altar,  panderer, caress, scares, apez.

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